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Botox vs. Filler: Which option is best for you?



The general rule for Botox is that it is used for lines of expression. This can include forehead lines, furrow lines, and crows feet. Botox is a great choice for hitting crease points where muscles contract. Other popular uses would be: armpit injections to help stave off hyperhidrosis (sweating excessively), injections in the jaw muscle to prevent grinding teeth for those that have TMJ, lip flip for slight lip plumping and to treat a gummy smile.


The difference filler makes is to smooth out deep lines that are present when facial muscles are not contracting. Areas where filler is commonly used would include: sleep wrinkles, nose alignment correction, under-eye (trough), laugh lines and lip lines, and to add lip fullness. 

Botox and fillers come with their own set of advantages versus risks, but are used for 2 different purposes. Think of Botox as dealing with wrinkles by relaxing the muscles surrounding them and think of filler doing exactly what it sounds like and just filling in areas that need more volume.


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