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Empowerment Med

Chloe Ntaimo, MD

Medical Spa, College Station, TX

EMSella Q & A

The BTL EMSELLA™ chair

The EMSELLA chair is the newest, FDA-approved technology for treating urinary incontinence. You only need to sit on the chair, fully clothed, while electromagnetic pulses are used to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles.

With EMSELLA, pelvic floor muscles contract with an intensity and frequency that’s impossible to achieve when you perform standard exercises. The procedure is painless and only takes 28 minutes per session to produce 11,200 impulses.

You’ll receive six treatments over three weeks. Nationwide, 95% of women are satisfied with their results.




Empowerment Med proudly serves Hearne, Navasota, Caldwell, Madisonville, Franklin, Brenham, Iola, Snook, North Zulch, Kurten, Bryan.