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P-Shot Q&A


What is the P-Shot™?

The Priapus Shot™, most commonly known as the P-Shot™, is a PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) treatment used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The P-Shot™ can improve blood supply and nerve sensitivity, as well as increase the size and growth of the penis.


What happens during the procedure?

Prior to the P-Shot™, your blood is drawn and processed by one of our skilled providers. We extract the PRP from this blood sample, which works to stimulate and regenerate healthy penile tissue. We then inject the PRP back into the penis with minimal discomfort.


Is the procedure painful?

Prior the procedure numbing cream is applied and for some clients a nerve block is done. Typically this procedure is painless, and patients tolerate the procedure very well.


How long does the procedure last?

The procedure itself is about 15-20 minutes. Your time with us will be longer than the procedure time considering we need to process your blood and give the numbing cream time to work.